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EasyDrip is a colored compound in a squeeze bottle that hardens at room temperature with a slight white chocolate flavor. You can heat the bottle in warm water or in the microwave and the pointed tip makes it easy to drip with precision. You can also use EasyDrip for many other edible decorations by 'drawing' on baking paper. Let it harden for a few minutes and it's ready! EasyDrip is also perfect for decorating cake pops, adding a pretty layer to cupcakes, making donuts in cheerful colors and personalizing treats. The possibilities are endless because EasyDrip is not just for dripping. Besides, the kids also enjoy working with it, we have tested it extensively with our family. If a child can use it, it really is "EASYdrip"!

EasyDrip was developed by Dominique Ballard while giving drip workshops. She first used traditional parchment piping bag with her students, and has further developed EasyDrip to achieve a better result more easily and quickly. September 2019 it finally hit the market and quickly proved to be a great success with the first buyers.

Now for sale at cake decoration supply shops, baker supplies retail, online and in stores.

According to many happy customers: "Once you try EasyDrip, you never want anything else!"

Algemene Voorwaarden

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